The Omni Way

The decision to proceed down the path of a customer application can be a challenging and somewhat scary process.


  • What kind of information do I need?
  • Can my ideas be incorporated into the app?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How do I maintain it?
  • Who needs to be involved?


Quite a number of considerations and a lot of choices to think about. The Omni team can help. We have worked with significant enterprise organizations, member entities, and communities to help develop apps specific to their requirements.


Remember you can always add that forgotten great idea later!


Our methodology involves meeting you and your team of key stakeholders to assist in the development of an outcome for your organization. We like to workshop these ideas in a whiteboard session that is really a requirements gathering process. This is attended by our project people as well as our senior technical leads. Typically, the ideas end up as a long list which is then refined into product release stages. These are documented and then sent back to your clients for validation and sign off.

At that stage we get our project people involved. They work with you on the validated requirements to create a project schedule and a clear understanding of what integrations are required and on what systems. Additionally, how long the whole process will take and how we will break it into steps that each side is responsible for.


This is all developed into a statement of work; the ultimate document that we both sign off on. Then, the work begins.


The process is managed and communicated to key stakeholders on both sides as the project is delivered. Key milestones and stage sign offs keep us all on track. We do not get paid unless you are happy, so the responsibility is on us to make sure we manage it well!


Our Project Management Office (PMO), project managers, integration consultants, and developers all work together under the lead project manager to deliver you a great outcome on time and on budget.


At the completion of your project, our account management team will manage ongoing engagements, new release schedules and updates, and add moves and changes. Do not worry, other than new feature releases, everything else is covered by your annual support and maintenance fees.


At Omni Market Tide it is all about great outcomes, great products, and happy clients.