OmniPeople is an employee engagement and management product built to suit the specific requirements of your organization’s stakeholder needs. Branded as your product and built to deliver specific needs within your company, the application offers the ability to provide simple tasks from news, updates, and documents to the more complex. Who is who in my company and what is their role? How do I contact them? These types of messages can be sent privately within your company.


In addition, other features include on boarding new employees, training, compliance, occupational health and safety, leave, payroll, and surveys.


The ability to have imbedded video as well as live feeds when required, and push notifications for specific events and activity.


Employees can be profiled so that up-to-date information for a specific group can be accessed only by that group. Group members will not receive notifications that are not specified for them, but will still have access to that information. Along with the ability to extend HR workflow rules to the mobile device, it can also extend to physical  access control systems via the mobile device.


Pay slips, leave balances, and the ability to allow employees to self-serve large aspects of their HR requirements provides greater efficiency and significant cost savings to your company. Emergency information, rostering, and scheduling can also be added. If you have specific requirements, there is a good chance we can build it for you.


Employee engagement and management product specified to your company’s requirements

On-boarding new employees and provide training with ease

Profile your employees and allocate them to groups

Allow employees to self-serve large aspects of HR requirements

Send push notifications, pay slips and event information to specific groups