OmniComm is our community based product providing your community the opportunity to develop a custom product specific to your requirements and specialties.


We help local governments and large community organisations connect, communicate, and engage with their stakeholders. OmniComm transforms these relationships through a variety of valuable features. Pick and choose any or all!


Bad weather, traffic tie-ups, road closures, disasters, and other life-altering events. People want to know what is happening and how to respond. Our app allows city leaders to become heroes by giving them the ability to reach every smart phone user with real time alerts wherever they are.


Some of our clients have focused on specific activities around community sports programs, while others have been arts based. Some link to council’s activities; some are councils, allowing for actions like payments and the ability to track your development application.


OmniComm includes a content management system that allows for instant content updates. You can assign multiple editors and even control what section of the app they can edit. Additionally, we can link your app to your website so updates can be made simultaneously to both, therefore there is no double duty.


Talk to our team about what is possible. There is a myriad of options available to your stakeholders.


Connect users to social media sites

Link app to your website and update simultaneously

Customised to your requirements and specialties

Connect, communicate and engage with your community