Countdown to our virtual AGM

Countdown to our virtual AGM


Australia’s first ever virtual AGM with real-time voting is less than a month away. Omni Market Tide shareholders will be able to stream our AGM and vote real-time using the recently launched multi-company app OmniLOOP.

No matter where you are on the morning of Monday 30 May, you will be able to stream the AGM, read a resolution, ask a question and vote – even if you’re on the train between stations, or at the airport as you race for your flight, or even in the bathroom (because apparently 48 per cent of Australians use their mobile on the toilet).

The app is now on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and Managing Director Megan Boston is encouraging all shareholders to download the app and become familiar with the look and feel in advance.

“This is not only a fantastic achievement, but a watershed moment in corporate Australia which OMT shareholders have a chance to be a part of,” she says. “We are truly excited to bring you this AGM via OmniLOOP, which we believe revolutionises company meetings and shareholder engagement.

“I urge you to be part of this Australian first and help make it a success. OmniLOOP is positioned to set a new best practice benchmark in shareholder engagement for listed companies.”

“Be sure to download the app and make your vote count on 30 May.”